Managing SearX preferences in XR

The opensource SearX engine has quite some bells and whistles, like autocomplete:

Did you know that SearX allows you to choose your auto-completion provider? ❤︎

That's right, you can let others (wikipedia e.g.) complete you, with different suggestions.
In the image above, you can see a mainstream searchengine autocomplete, and here is wikipedia's autocompletion:

Wait..hold you realize how powerful this is?

This is a nice opportunity for universities and companies, to implement their own autocomplete-engines (search thru papers e.g.).
Just imagine for a moment, how you could organize your company's information in a totally different way.
The potential is huge: it's filling the gap somewhere between webbookmarks and knowledgebases.

How to set SearX preferences in XR?

Luckily, VR headsets support the 2D web these we can open a tab with the SearX preferences-page

I did some counting, SearXR has more than 50 preference-settings and even more searchengines to cherry-pick from.
Amazing ❤︎ as that is, translating that to a VR does not make much sense. Unless you like an interface like this:

Progressive enhancement

SearXR also offers changing preferences inside immersive mode.
In this mode tabs cannot be opened:

Therefore SearX will utilitize preferences-URI's as a fallback:

Here you can see preferences-URI's offered as buttons in immersive mode (as a fallback):

For Universities, Companies and Non-profit organisations: you can configure sane defaults for your students/employees in settings.yml of your SearX installation