Latest updates on SearXR development, the SearX XR sauce using solely free and opensource tools & standards.

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2021-05-02 updated last blog article
2021-05-02 applied billboarding so searchresults always face the user(camera)
2021-04-28 added 3D sphere with tiles to host searchresult
2021-04-26 add searchresult listeners
2021-04-25 hide FPS counter on non-localhost machines + added searchresult-event
2021-04-15 extend blog article with reallife mp4 footage
2021-04-10 commenting / removing unused code
2021-04-05 spatial dragging experiment
2021-04-02 thinking/sketches to further separate VR/AR/3D themes
2021-03-28 wrote CSS3D and WebGL-blog article
2021-03-24 experimenting with instancing to boost FPS
2021-03-20 removed blender aframe project, thanks for the startingpoint
2021-03-15 finalized performance matrix
2021-03-12 fixed textfield-render bug + better mouse support on desktop
2021-03-08 minor bugfixes + playing around with hand-controls
2021-03-05 scrollwheel now moves up/down in desktop-mode
2021-03-01 testing on smartphone..FPS drops too much..refactoring
2021-02-22 moving device-specific controllers inside/outside themes
2021-02-19 introducing theme-class for better separation
2021-02-16 refactoring rules: separate VR and AR better
2021-02-10 wrote blog article Documentation 'generators'
2021-02-07 many many updates
2021-02-05 modified tooltips
2021-02-03 updated rule-engine
2021-02-01 modified onscreen joystick-position
2021-01-27 wrote blog article Progressive interfaces
2021-01-23 added tooltips to SEARXR
2021-01-20 added mobile 3D touch-scroll support to SEARXR
2021-01-17 researched and found an easy peasy CSS-only toaster
2021-01-15 created <swipe-component> aframe component for mobile 3D touch-scroll
2021-01-13 experimented with always-user-facing 3D billboard-planes
2021-01-10 suggested a manifest.json solution to the W3C immersive-web group to boost WebXR discovery
2021-01-07 tested different ways of search-result positioning in SEARXR
2021-01-03 added on-screen joystick support to SEARXR
2021-01-01 Happy new year! 2021 is going to be an awesome year for SEARXR!
2020-12-22 various optimizations to keep SEARXR running at >60fps
2020-12-18 wrote blog article XR discovery
2020-12-13 added rule engine to detect controller-support
2020-12-08 various optimizations to keep SEARXR running at >60fps
2020-12-01 added theme-switch support to SEARXR
2020-11-28 played around with interchangable 3D CSS<=>webgl
2020-11-25 tested cardboard-performance between webxr polyfill and webxr native
2020-11-22 added WASD-keyboard support to SEARXR
2020-11-18 added hamburger menu to SEARXR
2020-11-15 created aframe skeleton app
2020-11-14 aframe skeleton app in blender
2020-11-13 blog online at
2020-11-12 wrote some textfiles for the blog
2020-11-11 website contact-email now redirects to repository issuetracker
2020-11-10 added mastodon share link to html template
2020-11-09 deployed this directory-to-blog-converter as gitlab page
2020-11-08 created logo in inkscape
2020-11-07 animated logo css in webappmaker
2020-11-06 created gitlab organisation + github redirect