SearXing in XR

The holy grail is to come up with some kind of universal search interface.
(Famous last words)

Initially, the current milestone was to project the SearX desktop search-interfaces onto XR-devices somehow.
This works quite well across desktop, mobile and tablet:

However, a lesson learned is that it doesn't translate well enough to VR..

In VR, a 'wearable' searchbar might be a better idea: a searchbar-on-wrist

As you can see, a SearX user in XR is always ready to search, by equipping the user with a keyboard (like an artist using a palette ).
This is much more comfortable compared to a searchbar floating around your head..all the time.

Stay tuned because we've got an speechrecognition-fueled-search planned too! 🎤
Obviously, it will be privacy-respecting too 💖💪